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Anything Goes For The Ladies On The Grammys Red Carpet

It one of the less formal of the season award nights, and most of the women dressed accordingly. Ladies mixed things last night on the Grammys red carpet. Paris Hilton and Marisa Miller kept things short and sweet in their ministries, while Jennifer Hudson was a little longer and Kate Beckinsale and Audrina Patridge has chosen to go with floor length dresses..
7.5.09 11:34


Hugh And Jemima Back Together

The couple split because appears Grant was not ready to settle down. Jemima Khan who is the daughter of billionaire James Goldsmith and the former wife of Pakistani politician Imran Khan cricketer you noticed was leaving Grant aposs London home several times last week, Daily Mail reported. The 48-year-old Notting Hill aposactor el 35-year-old Khan had shared the last year after being together for three years. After the much-publicized split last year, the British actor Hugh Grant and worldly Jemima Khan fed items that are a couple of new set to be noticed many times in past months.
7.5.09 11:33

Breastfeeding Dilemma For Naomi Watts

The Mulholland Drive star do not want milk that was going to deliver the waste, so that d pump containers and have it whisked back to his hotel room d - waiting for Alexander, now 19 months.. Actress Naomi Watt milk had a runner on the set of The International, as his fame has always been fed baby.
7.5.09 11:33

Eminem Good With Money

In a lengthy profile based around his new album, London Independent newspaper that, even as a millionaire, Eminem care to spend money on himself. He really liked a guard, but is concerned that d be able to afford it, so called his manager, Paul Rosenberg, to see who had enough money. L clock turned out to be $ 15. 000. A friend shared this story: After his second album has been in the jewelry store. At the time, Em was one of the hottest artists on the planet. So Paul told him not to be stupid, and only buy the clock. He has been for millions. It appears that Eminem, the superstar rapper from Detroit, is secretly thrifty.
7.5.09 11:33

Rihanna Chris Brown Cancel Grammy Performance After Car Accident

Rihanna and Chris Brown have scratched their performance in tonight Grammy Awards after being involved in an auto accident d, according to sources backstage.. Updated: Chris Brown has turned himself to the Police Department in Los Angeles for questioning in his role in an alleged crime battery that took place in a car, this morning.
7.5.09 11:33


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